Why do you exclude alcohol?

On your “What Is Natural” page [in the first paragraph] you say that “chemical/synthetic free” means, among other things, no alcohols. But alcohol is a very effective sanitizing agent that *can* be produced “in an ordinary American kitchen using “generally available utensils”. So why do you exclude alcohol?


Hi Jeff, Thanks for your question. We avoid the use of alcohol in our products because so many people are topical alcohol sensitive, and most do not know it. Alcohol is used as an emulsifier in lotions (holds the water and oils based portions of the formula together). It works well for this, but alcohol can have the unfortunate side effect of drying one’s skin as one is attempting to moisturize! The end result is that the individual feels GREAT when they apply the lotion, but they need to re-up every 15 minutes or their skin dries out. Good news for the marketers of the product, but bad news for the consumer.

Alcohol and sugar are also used to make high end transparent soaps. The advantage is there is no free alkali in the soap (which makes your skin dry and irritated). However alcohol sensitive people will experience dry, irritated skin from the alcohol instead!

We do support the use of ethanol and essential oils for sanitizing wipes and sprays, and methanol (rubbing alcohol) for surface disinfecting (such as toilet seats). Look for a USDA certified organic ethanol based hand sanitizer from Vermont Soap sometime next year. We have one in the works!

Best Wishes, The Soapman

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