Why does Castile Liquid Soap separate and get cloudy?

I buy the castille liquid base (unscented) and add water, hydrosol, aloe, and essential oils to it. Eventually there’s a bit of separation (cloudy on the bottom and clear on the top). Do you have any clue why this is happening or how I can correct this?

First, try adding the essential oils to the soap and let them steep in for a couple of weeks. You can skim off any EOs that float to the top. The rest should stay in. The slowly stir in the water and hydrosol. This will help.

Temperature is usually a factor too. Straight castile will turn cloudy when cold and opaque when frozen. Warming returns it to normal but some soap molecules can drop out and fall to the bottom creating a shake first situation. Diluted castile is even more fragile to temperature changes.

And lastly, I have observed that over time, some hydrosols can get cloudy. Others have a shorter shelf life than expected. Temperature may be a factor here as well.

So, time, temperature and mixing order.

You can also change the container and call it a shake first product.

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