Why You Should Steer Clear of Conventional Sunscreen

There’s no doubt that sun protection is absolutely essential for a healthy life. UV rays can greatly damage your skin, exacerbate existing problems, and even cause cancer. But what our health organizations fail to tell us is that there are a number of hidden dangers in conventionally produced sun screen that use chemicals (rather than minerals) to block the sun. Here’s why.

To start off, the most commonly used chemical in sunscreen is Oxybenzone. It’s considered an endocrine disruptor – meaning that it quite literally disrupts hormone processes in the body. This can cause thyroid and estrogenic problems, meaning it should especially be avoided on children.

Further, of the 1,4000 sunscreens studied by the Environmental Working Group, 5% met their standards for safety. And a whopping 40% of them were classified as potential cancer contributors. This is mostly because retinyl palmitate, a common ingredient in conventional sunscreen, has been shown to expedite the growth of cancerous cells by 21%.

Spray sunscreens are wildly popular for their convenience, but they can pose an extra health risk to children. The chemicals in the concoction are toxic in themselves, but inhaling the vapor is equally as risky. So much so, that consumer reports warn that they should only be used (carefully) by adults.

Mitigate your risks from sunscreen toxicity by looking for all natural alternatives that use minerals like Zinc oxide and Titanium dioxide instead of chemicals to block the sun.