Will coconut oil dry out my skin?

Just learning about real soap & started out with Dr Bronners. TOO drying. Came across your website and ordered some stuff yesterday. Today I realized coconut oil might be irritating my already dry skin. Can coconut & palm oils become irritants? I was reading something about developing allergies to them. Do you have liquid soaps without them? Worried I’m going to have trouble with my liquid sunshine that is coming…. Does it stay in your clothes and build up? Would that dry my skin? What about residues on dishes? My new baby has some ezcema and I’m trying to resolve it. In the process, I’m finding out how sensitive I am too!




Hi Jennie,

Thanks for contacting us.

Bronners is very drying for almost everyone who uses it it – except for their chemist who does NOT have sensitive skin. Let’s back up a bit…..

Knowing that you have dry skin I recommend that you try our Shea Butter Bar which is specifically formulated for dry sensitive skin. Try it – it will rock your world. I use it to wash my (thin) hair and shave with too. Fine for baby too.

People with extraordinarily reactive skin use liquid on their clothes with great success and sometimes with a relief of symptoms caused by mass market laundry products. No Worries!

Read some of the back Ask the Soapman questions about dry skin.

You will also like our foaming hand soap. Try Unscented first. Refill with 1/2 liquid sun and 1/2 water when you use it up as a comparison to see if essential oils make any difference to your skin.

On the formulation side: the more coconut oil in a formula the higher the percentage of the population that gets dry skin from it (coconut oil turned into soap harshness). Bronners is 99% coconut oil. Allergies to soap are VERY VERY rare and certainly not your issue or you would know it by now.

We have a number of excellent organic moisturizers. Try Green Gold. It is amazingly healing. Keep it in the fridge after opening.

Go easy on bleach and babies. They often react to detergent laundry products. You are much better off and safer using natural soap for laundry and dishes than synthetic detergents that did not exist 75 years ago!


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  1. Lovelylady on November 24, 2015 at 10:14 pm

    It appears that the Dr. Bronner soap severely dried out my skin. I have been itching for months to the point where I’ve called off work, take benedryl daily and etc, to stop the itchinG. So I finally decided to try a process of elimination. I tossed the soap and got some new soap and lotion. Surprisingly the itching did calm down, a lot.

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