Would you make Neem toothpaste?

You should think about making Neem toothpaste. An ayurvedic doctor on the Dr. Oz show recommended using Neem toothpaste, but the ones I found online have SLS, xylitol and other bad ingredients. If you do make it, please leave out peppermint or mint which I hate in mouth products.

Neem is awesome. When I am teaching scientific soapmaking in Africa I always whittle Neem Toothpicks to floss my teeth with. The taste is a bit much but my gums love it.

You know Janice, The Soapman loves foam; just not in one’s mouth. I am not a toothpaste guy. The whole foaming paste thing is strange to me.

You know all those weird detergent chemical that are even in the natural toothpastes? They are in there as foaming agents and emulsifiers. They help to hold the paste together and to slip thrugh the filler without sticking or forming air bubbles. Toothpaste may be great for cavities, but detergent chemicals increase skin permeability dramatically, increasing the risk for gum disease, and making it more difficult to get rid of it if you have it.

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