5 Ways to Reduce Packaging Waste by Shopping Vermont Soap

5 Ways to Reduce Packaging Waste by Shopping Vermont Soap

Every choice we make as consumers impacts the environment, either positively or negatively. We are faced with options daily that can lead to better health for ourselves and our families, or that can lead to worsening our health and that of our environment.

You’re already making a huge difference by buying natural and organic products. By using these products instead of their chemical-ridden counterparts, you are sparing our precious earth from harsh chemicals that end up in our water supply. And, you’re protecting your family by not putting toxins into the air they breathe. In a time when dangerous chemicals are everywhere, it is no small accomplishment to choose health for your household!

Already buying natural products and wondering what more you can do? There’s so much you can do! We feel passionately about reducing packaging waste and encourage our customers to do so whenever possible. Here’s five ideas you can start using now to reduce your packaging impact.

Use Multi-Purpose Products

One way to save not only your dollars but packaging materials as well, is to buy one multi-use product instead of many single-use products. Think about what’s under your kitchen or bathroom sink right now. You might have dozens of different products down there, each one in a plastic bottle. With a multi-use cleaner like our Liquid Sunshine, you can replace all those different products for one amazing natural product. And because it’s a concentrate, it will last! You’ll save money, you’ll reduce all that plastic, and you’ll be able to clean every surface without any toxic chemicals.

Another great multi-use product is our Liquid Castile Soap. Like the Liquid Sunshine it comes in gallon sizes and can be used all around your house. We’re talking dishes, floors, walls, woodwork, bathrooms, laundry, carpets, and even your car! If you still have empty plastic bottles from previous products, instead of putting them in the recycling, recycle them right there at home: give them a very thorough rinse to get out any remaining product, then fill them with our Liquid Castile Soap. Whenever you need to refill one, you have one product under the sink ready to go. And when it comes time to buy more, you only have one item on your list instead of five or ten.

Favor Items That Don’t Come in Plastic

While you can use Liquid Castile Soap in the bath, another choice we offer is our Shea Butter Bar. It’s the perfect bar soap for dry skin, and some people love it as a shampoo bar as well! Shea butter is deeply nourishing to skin, so if you have a dry or flaky scalp, you will love this. We love that it comes in a small cardboard box instead of a plastic shampoo bottle, giving you yet another chance to reduce packaging materials. Even better? Buy them in bulk as naked bars and reduce packaging by that much more.


Go Naked

Many products available to consumers come wrapped in excess materials, both in the store and especially when they are shipped to your home. At Vermont Soap, we encourage reducing these materials as much as possible, which is why we love our Naked Soaps. These bar soaps come without the cardboard wrapper, for those who consciously try to avoid packaging materials. Buying products like this whenever possible makes a big difference in saved materials!

Stock Up with Larger, Spread Out Orders

Every time we shop online, there will be some sort of packaging needed to ship it to us. At Vermont Soap we are attentively waiting for the day someone invents a better way of shipping, but until then, there is one thing you can do to help.

Instead of buying one item at a time, hold off until you have a few products you need, and buy them together in the same order. Shipping five items in one box is so much better than buying five separate items which will come in five separate boxes.

We love being able to offer you a wide range of products, so you can get everything you need to clean your body and your home from one place. We encourage you to buy items in one shipment, even if that means waiting a few more weeks, or buying a few products before you’ve completely run out. Desperately need one product and truly don’t need anything else? Ask a friend if they have tried Vermont Soap yet, and if they want to go in on an order with you to save you both on shipping costs, and to save the environment from wasted packaging materials.

Buy in Bulk Whenever You Can

Depending on the size and needs of your family, it won’t make sense to buy in bulk for everything. (This is where multi-use products come in handy!) But just remember that every time you buy in bulk, you are saving packaging. It may mean you need to make some room in your pantry, laundry room, or underneath your sink to store those large sized items, but the payoff is worth it when it comes to doing our part to help the environment. While we do offer our products in smaller sizes like 8oz, we strongly encourage you to choose the larger sizes instead of making repeat orders of smaller items.

Buying in bulk is another great opportunity to see if friends are interested. For example, our Naked Bar Soap comes in a bulk order of 12 bars. Keep six for you, and give three to two different friends! Or, go in on an order together and buy one gallon each of Liquid Castile Soap or Liquid Sunshine. Imagine the packaging you will save if you and some friends each bought a gallon or two of multi-use product, instead of the dozens and dozens of plastic bottles of single use products.

We’ve seen church groups and mom groups band together and go in on a big order — especially when we are offering a great sale!

We hope these ideas have sparked inspiration to reduce packaging in any way you can. We at Vermont Soap support you in your mission to help your family and help the environment. We are right there with you!

Do you have other ideas for ways consumers can help the environment? Please share them in the comments below, we would love to learn from each other.

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