Are you Strong?


Are you Strong?

As in having a strong personal aroma that comes right out of your skin?

Forget the social anxiety. VT Soap has some natural solutions for you and those that you love.

They say good things come in threes but we have four amazing products for you to try.

Tea tree Bar Soap with added aloe is a facial quality handmade soap for sensitive skin. Excellent for those small jawline pimples that pop out from time to time. Gentle and effective for everyday odor control. This is the gentlest tea tree oil containing product that we make for normal odor issues.

Blue Bar is a handmade bar soap with double the amount of tea tree plus added peppermint oil. Blue bar is quite potent and used for red inflamed zits as well as an everyday deodorant bar. Safe and effective, Blue Bar has made fans of hard working, oily skinned and just plain strongly scented people all around the world.

FungaSoap takes tea tree soap to a whole new level. Invented with the help of a podiatrist (foot doctor) who was looking for a foot soap that actually worked. FungaSoap is an even MORE potent tea tree/peppermint gel soap, delivering nearly TWICE the essential oils of the Blue Bar! Great for feet and fungus itchy body parts. Probably a bit too strong for facial use. Wash away fungus and germs with the power of tea tree oil!

Have you discovered organic deodorants yet? Vermont Soap’s organic deodorants are considered to be the most effective and most natural in the marketplace today. Start with Extra Strength and rotate every few days with Lemongrass or Sage Lime. Rotating your organic deodorants keeps the germs confused and is more effective than staying with one product all the time.

Another useful trick is to wash your pits twice. Once as soon as you get in the water and again just before you get out. Towel off to a damp/dry and apply organic underarm deodorant to your still slightly damp pits. This system will keep most people right through their work day. If it doesn’t you can always reapply during your lunch break.

Unusually strong body aroma can also be a sign to stop eating certain spices such as cumin. Or that you are throwing off an infection or poison. Take it as a sign that something might be out of balance inside and try to correct it through careful trial and error. Eliminate one food or product that you use every day for three days. Then reintroduce it. See if you notice a real change. Be sure to only change one thing at a time!

Eating a diet high in plants and low in processed meats and other foods has the potential to help too. The Vermont Soap “Way” is to always make the most natural choice that doesn’t bum you out. Remember, it’s supposed to be fun!

This is the Soapman, signing off.

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  1. Fran on May 22, 2019 at 4:08 pm

    Great column Larry!
    Thank you for all the good you do through Vermont Soap

  2. AL SADDLER on June 4, 2019 at 6:09 pm


  3. Yvonne on June 10, 2019 at 10:38 pm

    Hello! Do you make your deodorants in TSA approved size containers by chance? I love your deodorant! The usual container is too big for flight travel though.

  4. Vermont Soap on June 12, 2019 at 10:44 am

    Hi Yvonne! states a 3.4oz carry on rule. Our deodorants are 3.25oz so life is good!

    – Larry