What can I do to help ease my baby’s cradle cap symptoms?

Is neem oil safe a safe ingredient to add to making baby bath/shampoo bar to help combat cradle cap and eczema? If so, how much and at base or trace?

Of course, there is no presumption of diagnosing, treating or curing any ailment. However, I will attempt to gove you some good common sense advise here.

A baby’s liver does not really kick in until about 5 1/2 months. Until then, they may develop uniquely baby diseases such as cradle cap or infant seborrhoeic dermatitis. It is not completely clear what causes this common condition. One line of thinking links it to antibiotics given at birth to the infant. This destroys much of the intestinal flora in the baby. The infant then develops a mild biotin deficiency. Biotin is normally produced by intestinal bacteria and a biotin deficiency is associated with cradle cap. If baby is of yogurt eating age, stirring in some supplemental intestinal flora will be easy and you can repopulate the intestines.

Also associated with this condition is a high hormone internal level, which may be left over from before birth. These may not be getting cleaned out quickly or easily because the baby’s liver is new and still sluggish. While you cannot easily influence the hormones circulating inside of baby you can influence the hormone mimickers that come in from plastic in the food and drink supply. Wash baby items several times in castile liquid soap or Liquid Sunshine to wash away germs to help remove mold release agents and “new plastic smell”.

The fungal infection associated with cradle cap should be relatively easy to deal with using FUNGASOAP. We have 15 years of use and 2 studies proving its effectiveness against body fungus. Keep out of eyes or it will sting. We make this for our friends at PEDIFIX who sell it nationally, and it is available on our website.

Eczema is a different story. First place to look is laundry and soap products. Use Unscented Oats and Aloe bar soap for baby’s skin. Best to avoid bleach in the laundry. It is poison and baby is not ready to deal with poisons right now. Better to wash clothing and bedding in good hot soapy water with a hot rinse and to use disposable diapers right now.

Remove any air fresheners immediately; especially if they are designed to kill germs. And please avoid non-alcohol based germ killers (for other reasons).

Using natural liquid soap for laundry and natural bar soaps for skin you have a good shot at avoiding eczema symptoms on baby.

Hope this helps. If symptoms persist see your doctor.

All the Best!




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