All store bought soaps seem to make me breakout. Can you help me?

I need a soap that does not make my face all red and cause it to break out. I cannot buy store soap as it causes breakouts. What soap do you have that will help me?

There are two kinds of soapy stuff sold in stores; detergents and poorly made mass market bar soaps. It is very possible for you to have become sensitized to both.

I want you to try our Butter Bar. It is chock-full of botanical soothers. Use it on your hair if you can (best for thin hair) and for shaving too. Clean your razor with alcohol after every use. If you do not have oily skin use unscented Green Gold to soothe flare ups. There is more; sounds like you will eventually be changing out most of your personal care products. Stay in touch with Vermont Soap via Facebook and sign up for our eblasts so you can read the new blogs and free information we disseminate about living in a Reactive Body.

Do not despair! The products causing this really ARE junk!

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