Can I use your foaming hand soap in my decorative soap dispenser?

I like your foaming soap very much, and use it in several places in my home. A friend recently bought me a decorative foaming soap dispenser for my main bathroom. I would like to use your soap in it. The instructions on the new dispenser say to dilute soap – about 1 part soap to 4 parts water. But when I use your soap in your dispensers, I don’t dilute it, of course. Do I need to dilute your soap for my new dispenser, or use it as is? The foaming mechanism looks pretty basic, similar to yours.


Hi Lori. Thanks for the kudos on the foam soap.

I would expect your decorative foamer to work just fine with our natural soap formulas. They usually do.

We put a lot of work into getting the foamer refills just right and we add extra vegetable glycerin to them to make the foam last longer and to alter the skin feel slightly. I recommend using our preformulated foamer refills if you like things to be perfect every time (as much as that is possible in life).

But when I run out at home – I dilute whatever Vermont Soap is around. You can even dilute one of our shower gel soaps in a pinch but they come apart and you have to shake the bottle first every time.

If you want to save yourself some money you can use any of our Castile Liquid Soaps or Liquid Sunshine as a base and dilute it to foamer strength. The dilution range here is very wide – this does not have to be an exact science. 25% makes a dry foam; which is cool, but there are not a lot of soap molecules in there to do the cleaning. Most people prefer a 30% to 40% soap in their dilutions but tastes vary so experiment.

Some folks like to wash their dishes with their foamers. Use a 50% to 60% soap in your cleaning foamers. They make great spot removers and spot carpet cleaners too.

Always add soap to water (not water to soap) when diluting castile soap – unless you want to make a LOT of foam!

Be sure to rinse the foamer bottle in hot water between uses to keep things fresh. Soap is only as fresh as the oldest molecule in the bottle. Everything else quickly comes down to that level diminishing the shelf life of the product. You would notice this as a slight unpleasantness to the otherwise sweet scent and the skin feel would not be as nourishing.

Thanks for writing. Foam rocks!


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