Congratulations to Crissy in PA!

Review and Recommend Winner!

Crissy from Pennsylvania put our soap to the test when her dog Belle was sprayed by a skunk! Her fantastic review of our patchouli hemp shower gel that she used to wash Belle has won her some of our pet shampoo and goodies!


BelleMy husband purchased a bottle of the patchouli hemp shower gel from a local whole foods store. I had run out of my normal dog shampoo and decided to use this until I bought more. It was the best stuff Ive ever used on them. They smelled fantastic and it lasted for weeks unlike other dog shampoos. Well yesterday your soap was put up to a major challenge. My lab got sprayed by a skunk and smelled horrible. I scrubbed her down with your soap and the horrible smell was gone. Not even a lingering of it. My husband was at work at the time and I waited till he came home to say anything. He had no idea. Just thought I bathed the dog and she smelled wonderful. Once I told him what happened he was absolutely amazed! You have made us very happy customers!!! Thank You!

– Crissy from Pennsylvania

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