Do any of your ingredients in the bar soaps clog pores?

Do any of your ingredients in the bar soaps clog pores? I heard that coconut oil and shea butter do.

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You know, there is no serious social penalty in our society for speaking to your friends without actually knowing a blessed thing about the subject.

Start with this 1 minute video about soap crystals.

You will see that soap made from coconut oil is no longer coconut oil but rather oil, water and alkali turned into soap crystals! So even if the statement that skin healthy vegetable oils can clog pores on oily skin people were true (and it apparently is true for some of us who do not have smaller pores and drier skin), that does not mean that the “sometimes true rule” would ever even apply to soap. Soap and oil are not the same thing. Just like salad dressing and oil are not the same thing (you would not fry an egg in salad dressing) only here the difference is even more profound.

I have observed that larger pored people who use a lot of shea butter can have a temporary enlargement of their facial pores. Occasional dry skin use of moderate amounts (a little goes a long way with shea butter) does not usually have any effect on your pores. But that also depends on the person and the moment. If you do not have dry skin don’t oil your face! Washing with whole organic vegetable oils turned into soap is a whole different critter than the ingredients it was created from.

You can use the Shop by Skin Type feature to fine tune the right product to the person.

Hope this all helps! Enjoy the video.

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