Is your deodorant recyclable after I am finished using your product?

Is your deodorant recyclable after I am finished using your product?

Great question, Lori! Thanks for asking and for paying attention. In theory ALL plastics are or should be required to be recyclable and recycled.

This deodorant tube is made from more than one type of plastic which makes it hard to recycle. There is the outer shell with a separate sanitary liner built into the cap and a mechanism inside to hold the product and allow to be screwed out from the bottom. There is also the issue of residual deodorant that might remain on the sides of the tube and how that could affect its ability to be recycled.

We assume these are the reasons that the manufacturers, who are located in upstate NY, did not put a recycle symbol on the tube. No symbol, no recycle.

We have less than a years’ supply of these in our warehouse as I write this, and are already looking at alternatives. You can be sure that being able to recycle the container is one of our priorities.

My favorite solid waste solution is a new plasma temperature burner that hits petroleum and all carbon based molecules so hot and hard that there is no polluting particles remaining. The “waste” makes more power than is consumed. Still in development but it could be a part of it until we figure out how to create a society that is 100% renewable and sustainable.

Thanks for being part of the solution.


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