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Do you have any soap bases without palm oil!?

“Do you have any soap bases without palm oil!? It’s use is devastating the rainforests!”

– Kara

Hi Kara,

Thank you for caring about this big blue ball that begat us.

We care too and that is why we do what we do.

Our liquid, gel, foamer and spray products are all palm oil free.

Our handmade bar soaps are made with organic palm oil because great palm oil makes great bar soaps. We are happy to report that our palm oil is:

  1.  Sustainable Palm Roundtable certified
  2. Certified USDA 100% Organic
  3. Agro Palma, our supplier, won the Green Peace Top Supplier award for several reasons; including that they have the lowest carbon footprint of any major palm producer
  4. Unlike other producers only the valley bottoms are farmed. The upper two thirds of their plantations are put into a permanent Nature Preserve, and their operation is run as a co-op.

Keep on being conscious of how your money is spent Kara, it is the only way non oligarch types (basically all of us) can actually influence the course of our society. Over the cliff or not, we all go together. Keep on paying attention!