Do you make anything for laundry?

I love your stuff and have skin sensitivities including sensitivity to fragrance. Do you make anything for laundry?
-Darcy in Huntington

Hi Darcy,

Hope ya’ll are well up there in Huntington. Having sensitivities can be a real pain. We are here for you, kid.

Rather than write you a book, here is a link to one I already wrote called the Reactive Body Handbook. It’s free as a short and readable ebook download.

To learn more than you ever wanted to know about how to use Vermont Soap’s Castile Liquid Soap for laundry, click here.

We also have a version called Liquid Sunshine Nontoxic Cleaner. Check it out but do not buy it with your fragrance sensitivities. The orange oil in it might trigger you. If you are good with lemongrass oil (not lemon) use Lemongrass Castile as your go-to everything cleaner. Use like Liquid Sunshine Nontoxic Cleaner. If you do not tolerate essential oils well, use Unscented Castile liquid soap. We make and sell this in consumer sizes, gallon and 5 gallon. Work your way up gradually.

Follow the laundry directions. There are a few tricks to making this what you’ll happily use the rest of your days.

What do you wash your hair with? I use and recommend our Shea Butter Bar Soap. Contains natural inflammation soothers. I have used this for body, hair, and shaving for 2 decades.

If you have dry skin issues, get a pound of Organic Shea Butter. You already know that we make some sweet fancy salves and an awesome Arnica salve (yes, if you get achy), too, but if you are looking for a good old fashioned Vermont deal I would ask Santa for a gallon of Castile, 12 naked bars of shea butter soap, and a lb of organic shea butter.

You can dilute your favorite Castile, please follow the directions for happiness; and make foaming hand soap refills and spray cleaners. I recommend three different strengths: one for glass and surface, one for really messy stuff, and one for oven cleaner/fly and insect killer.

I hope you enjoy the book. It is a slightly different way to look at health. It is possible to arrange your world so that you can go for years without falling into a hyper reactive state.

Our cardboard smells like the natural essential oils we use. Some people are asthma triggered by this so have someone take the box out to the barn and air everything out for a few days. Leave the cardboard and packing paper out in the recycle bin.

Best to you and to the folks up there in Huntington. It’s a bit of VT paradise.

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