Free Shipping to Military with AE, AP or AA Addresses

Vermont Soap is officially announcing free APO shipping for military members!  You read that right: You can now get FREE shipping on ALL military orders with NO minimum order total.  All you have to do is add the products you’d like to your cart and checkout with an AE, AP, or AA address.

Need a gift idea for what you should send your favorite military members serving overseas? Consider Fungasoap.

Fungasoap was developed in cooperation with a Podiatrist who later patented the use of tea tree oil in foot soap. His study on this product and formula won a national award for innovative foot care products.

Recently overheard at a trade show we attended by the Vice President of a National Retail Chain, “This is the only foot soap it there that actually does anything. And I would know – My feet are so bad they put me in charge of the category!”

If your feet are so bad that your boss wants to put YOU in charge of their foot care division…well you really do need to try this. It’s safe and effective for other forms of body fungus, too, and it washes away fungus with the power of tea tree oil.

We like this product so much we make it for Pedifix, and then buy some of it back to resell to you. Used daily and correctly, it really helps to sooth itchy toes and feet.

Instructions: Wet feet. Coat itchy areas with Fungasoap. Let it is sit for 1 minute and wash off with warm water.

Tip: Use a sock to dry or “foot floss” between your toes when putting on and taking off socks. Dry feet are happy feet! And consider trading in white cotton socks for silk/merino wool blends that help keep your feet dryer than cotton.

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