Do you sell dried castile soap?

We are looking for dried castile soap. Can you help us?


Ms. Zubah Gayflor of Monrovia, Liberia demonstrates how she turns palm kermel oil bar soap into soap flakes for laundry.

Hard to find. There was an outfit in the UK making it but they left the business maybe 6 or 7 years ago. My understanding is that you could start with liquid castile soap. Then it would be spray/freeze dried. This type of machine is out there and if you find a company that will take on the project I am happy to work with you guys by supplying the castile liquid soap.

On a smaller scale you can take always unscented handmade bar soap and grate it.

This is a picture of a friend in Liberia, West Africa who makes this product from a handmade soap she creates from palm kernel oil, water and lye.

There are undoubtedly other formulas and other ways of making castile soap flakes out there as well. Hope this helped!

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