Does Castile Soap expire?


Interested in the Bulk Liquid Castile soap. Does Castile Soap expire? If so, how long can I keep it for after purchasing?

Thanks for your time.


Hi Roxann,

Great question. Thanks for writing.

We rate all of our products for a three year shelf life. For comparison, mass market products are formulated for a minimum seven year shelf life – think Twinkie ™.

The enemies of all natural products are ultraviolet light, which breaks things down, air, and temperature. The less of those things you have i.e. seal the bottle and store in a cool dry place out of sunlight; the longer the shelf life.

Castile soap is a completely natural multi-purpose foaming liquid. It will clean all water safe surfaces including you. It can be a body wash as long as you do not have dry or sensitive skin; we make very special bar soaps for that. Results as a shampoo vary widely. Thanks for making your home a less toxic household!

Larry Plesent aka Soapman

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