Congratulations to Mikel from Ohio!

Review and Recommend Winner!

Mikel will receive a gallon of Liquid Sunshine and a Love You Bag, containing; Oatmeal Lavender Bar, Green Gold Unscented Organic Herbal Moisturizer, Honey Love Organic Face Mask, Tooth Salt, and a pocket size Organic Shea Butter.


Originally, I discovered a British “peppermint and rosemary” blend shampoo bar. That bar was discontinued, so I went to Vermont Soap’s shampoo bar. I actually found it gentler that any other product, from the previous shampoo bar, liquid shampoos, etc. I do have oily scalp, so having a product that does not dry scalp and hair out too much… Well, that was a chore. Now my curly locks, with oily scalp are much improved. This is the product for me. Leaves my hair soft, not dry.

-Mikel from Ohio

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