Does Liquid Sunshine kill salmonella and other bacteria on the counter tops from raw food?

I cook a lot of raw meets and eggs. I just purchased your Liquid Sunshine, would that kill salmonella and other bacteria on the countertops from raw food??

Soap and water are recognized as effective agents for cleaning salmonella and other common bacteria from hands. The primary mechanism for hand washing is to physically remove the germs and flush them down the drain. Certainly, this mechanism is on play when using a soap and water based cleaner like Liquid Sunshine. However, the effectiveness of a soapy spray and wipe in germ killing is hard to quantify in all situations.

I suggest using the spray and wipe to clean and remove organic material from the counter. Once it is nice and clean follow up with an alcohol spray. Cheap vodka is an effective germ killer. Fill a small spray bottle with vodka. Set the spray to a fine mist. Lightly mist the area and allow it to evaporate on its own. It takes about 45 seconds for alcohol to kill most germs. Organic food processing (industrial scale) protocols usually involve a thorough alcohol wet down and then allowing 20 minutes for complete evaporation to occur; probably overkill in this case.

Our Toothbrush Cleaner (formerly Toothbrush Sanitizer) is an organic alcohol and essential oil spray that will work well for you. Bear in mind that organic alcohol is somewhat pricier than buying vodka, but it will give you a bottle with a nice mister sprayer to refill.

Thanks for writing! Here is a link to some salmonella basics: