Four Reasons to Love Foaming Soap

Here at Vermont Soap, we make a delectable variety of scented hand soaps. Don’t tell the bars, but the foaming stuff is our favorite. Here’s why:

  1. It feels like a mini trip to the spa.
    Let’s face it – washing your hands sometimes feels like a chore. In bathrooms, you’ll often find yourself squirting some pink mystery goo into your hands and desperately hope that its slimy texture leaves no residue. It takes forever to work into a lather and the scent is increasingly over-powering. Not so with Vermont Soap’s foaming hand soap! This stuff comes pre-lathered right out of the bottle. Its bubbly consistency and uplifting scents make cleaning your hands a rejuvenating joy.
  2. Quality ingredients!
    You can rest easy knowing that the most highly-trafficked soap in your house is free from toxic additives and chemicals. Vermont Soap’s foaming hand soap is cruelty free, GMO free, and contains no synthetic fragrance or phthalates. Now that’s clean!
  3. One word: refills.
    Vermont Soap offers foaming hand soap refills in 16 ounce and 1 gallon quantities. Once you’ve run out of your very favorite soap, you can help save the planet by cutting down on plastic and picking up one of our foaming soap refill containers to replenish your pump container. These sizes come in every scent, so you can even test drive all the other good sniffs.
  4. Everyone else loves it!
    If you’re not quite convinced that you should fill your entire home and business with our foaming hand soap, head on over to the product page. You’ll find tons of reviews from very happy customers. We strive to make the best quality product we can, and it shows!