Don’t Let the USDA Undermine Organic Food and Agriculture

National Organics Standards Board (NOSB) was created to keep the USDA in check when it came to organic farming and foods. On May 8, 2014, the USDA reduced the NOSB’s responsibilities, limited their participation, and reclassified the NOSB as purely an advisory board. This completely undermines the purpose of the NOSB.

“Congress created the Board so that a balance of organic interests, from consumer to industry, would have an irrevocable seat at the table in defining, maintaining and enhancing organic standards. That independent voice is now seriously jeopardized,” noted Paige Tomaselli, senior attorney at the Center for Food Safety.

A petition was started to have this reclassification reversed so that the NOSB can continue to uphold organic standards. Please read this article on and consider signing the petition. It is vital that the NOSB regains its power and responsibilities to keep organic food and agriculture organic!
Sign the petition today!

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