How much do I dilute Liquid Sunshine to use as a spray?

I would like to dilute the liquid sunshine all purpose concentrate to refill my Spray and wipe bottle. How much concentrate in water do you recommend for the 16 oz bottle?


OK – here you go:

  1. Always rinse out your refill bottles 3x in hot water. Soap is only as fresh as the oldest molecule of soap in the bottle!
  2. Always add water to soap only when you want a lot of foam, like when you wash a dog or a car. Otherwise add soap to water to minimize foaming in the bottle.
  3. You can use as little as 5% soap in a Spray for glass, windows and light surface cleaning. Go as high as 10% for extra heavy duty cleaning like oven cleaning.
  4. Do not worry about exact concentrations. If it isn’t strong enough, add more. Too soapy? Just dilute.
  5. Works great inside the automobile too, glass and vinyl. No need to use toxic car cleaners. Use at 5%.

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