Even More Reasons to Like the Neem Tree

450px-Neem_treeFor over 4000 years the people in India, Southeast Asia and Africa have used the Neem tree to stay healthy. In fact, the Sanskrit word for Neem is “nimba”, which means “good health”. The bark, leaves, fruit, seeds and oils from the Neem tree all contain medicinal qualities that help a multitude of human ailments.

The Neem tree contains naturally antibacterial, anti-fungal, antiviral, antihistamine and antiseptic properties. This means it can treat infection and fever as well as help control diabetes and help protect your liver. Neem is used to keep teeth clean, gums healthy and breath fresh. It can help ease allergy symptoms due to its antihistamine properties. Neem can even be used as an insect repellent!

But Neem doesn’t stop at health and hygiene. The Neem tree also is known for being a beauty treatment. The leaves in particular are excellent for skin care. Taking a bath with the leaves keeps skin soft and supple, while helping prevent acne. Crushing the Neem leaves into a powder and applying it to the skin will help prevent the signs of aging.

Due to all of the wonderful things it can do, it’s no wonder that the Neem tree has earned the nickname “the village pharmacy”!


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