What happened to Insect Armor?

Dear Soapman,

I used to buy Insect Armor and really liked it. Then you discontinued it and came out with Camp & Garden Spray and Camp & Garden Lotion which seems to be pretty much the same thing as the original Insect Armor formula. What’s going on here? Bugged in Brattleboro.

Dear Bugged,

A few years back Vermont Soap was served a cease, desist and recall order from the EPA, the Environmental Protection Agency. They claimed that we were selling an unregistered pesticide across State lines.

“But this is a blend of all natural plant oils designed to confuse (or “addle”) insects so they avoid biting people,” we told them.

And they read us their legal definition of a pesticide; which includes repelling pesky bugs using natural plant oils.

So we recalled Insect Armor and soon came out with our new Camp & Garden Spray and Camp & Garden Lotion, neither of which makes any reference to insects, bugs or annoying pests. We only claim to “make you more comfortable with citronella and other natural essential oils.”

If this amazing blend of eight potent essential oils works synergistically to keep annoying insects at bay all the more power to ya. We will never say in writing that it is anything more than herbal perfume.

Now excuse me while I apply some more herbal perfume to my sun hat!

All the Best,


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