Is the lavender essential oil you use organic?

I am chemically sensitive but I usually can tolerate essential oils if they’re organic. I’m attracted to lavender scents so just wondering if the essential oils included in your lavender soaps are all organic?

We use an American Lavendin that is steam distilled on farm in the USA. It is 100% natural but not certified organic. US farmers growing crops for distillation typically grow without pesticides (the plants themselves take care of that) but use ammonia nitrate fertilizer towards the end to boost yields another 10%.

Many essential oils are “stepped on”; blended with fragrances and/or diuted with cottonseed oil which is full of pesticides. Our essential oils are not stepped on – we have a way of testing them for that here.

Try a bar of oatmeal lavender. That is our best seller. As a back up get a butter bar (my personal fave) which is not scented but has a fresh herbiness that is quite pleasant. I suspect that you can use most of our stuff.

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