If you have males in your house consider setting up a wholesale account with Vermont Soap because you will want to buy this one by the case. Izaroma combines the amazing cleaning power of organic alcohol with natural essential oils to create a uniquely effective and natural spray for your toilet seat and its environs.

More than just another nicely scented spray, Izaroma utilizes a 70% alcohol blend to effectively control odors at their source.

A Brief History Lesson: Alcohol has a three hundred year history of use as a safe and effective disinfecting and sanitizing agent. Up until a few years ago a cosmetic alcohol license from ATF was all that was needed to make legitimate sanitizing and disinfecting germ killing claims for 70% alcohol based surface cleaners such as Izaroma.

However, Patriot Act changes made to the Federal governmental after 9-11 transferred the ability to make these claims over to the EPA which classifies anything that kills germs as an insecticide. Insecticides have to registered and re-registered every year with the EPA, all 50 States and the District of Columbia. 52 forms and 52 fees each and every year to legally use the words disinfecting and sanitizing in label and marketing copy.

During an enlightening conversation with an EPA ombudsman Vermont Soap was advised that as a small company, we would be better off not to make any germ killing claims on our labels or website as the regulatory costs would far exceed any money we would make manufacturing these products. And so we do not make germ killing claims of any type on any of our alcohol based surface cleaners.

Whether using Izaroma on your toilet (or Toothbrush Cleaner on your toothbrush), you can be assured that the amazing power of organic alcohol combined with real botanical essences is there at your side.

Keep it Clean!

The Soapman