Quarantined? Deep Clean!

Keep The Stir-Crazy At Bay The Green Old Fashioned Way!

It has been quite the week friends. We’re all doing our best to establish thoughtful new hygienic practices in our personal and professional lives. As fears of Coronavirus sweep the nation drastic measures are being taken to contain it. Now, in this phase of social distancing we are left asking ourselves, “What am I going to do with all this time?” Here’s a quick list of safe nontoxic organic and natural spray cleaners to get things rolling. And to keep you from fretting too much about the news cycle.

Implement New Good Habits

Besides humming along to Happy Birthday while we wash our hands (20 second rule), we can all up our game by following World Health Organization recommendations and begin washing our fruits and vegetables. This is a life time habit that VT Soap has been advocating for over two decades. Washing your produce actually makes your food taste better. Try it for yourself but be sure to rinse off all the soap please! You also greatly improve your odds of NOT getting e coli or salmonella from your food. We love our certified organic soap-based produce cleanser, Produce Magic Fruit & Veggie Wash. A time of caution is also a fantastic time to begin implementing new healthy habits at home. Plus it’s fun to get the kids involved! Just spray and rinse leafy produce, or spray a brushful to gently scrub root vegetables and fruits.

Take Care Of That Smell

We’ve got a spray for that! iZaroma is a powerful and natural way to clean ALL the surfaces in your world. iZaroma combines the power of 70% alcohol with REAL botanical essences to effectively cut odors from all water safe surfaces. to effectively cut odors from ALL water safe surfaces. Use as a smell-squasher before and after you go to the loo! iZaroma also shines as a multi-use cleaning product: glass, marble, wood, plastic. Cleans ANYTHING with a surface. Especially good for bathroom sinks and toilet, eyeglasses, keyboards and mice, steering wheels, mirrors, cutting boards and anything requiring the extra cleaning power of 70% ethanol and real essential oils.

Deep Clean The Car

When was the last time you washed your steering wheel? Sure, we’re pros at washing our hands by now but…the steering wheel? Seriously folks. It’s probably long past time for us to spray some Green Car on a rag and get to work. We like Green Car We like Green Car because it’s safe for even the tiniest members of your family; babies and pets alike. This little gem meets USDA organic food standards so you don’t have to worry about your little one licking the gear shift. A truly remarkable spray cleaner for the inside of your car made without the stinky and questionable chemicals found in mass products.

Dude, Clean Your Yoga Mat

It’s time. The clouds have parted and the stars have aligned! Who has a squeaky clean yoga mat? WE DO! Well, we will just as soon as we cross this one off the list. Deep clean that yoga or fitness mat with Vermont Soap’s certified organic Yoga Mat Cleaner! We love this spray because we can use it on the go or leave the spray for a few minutes for a good deep clean. Mmmm… you can already smell the difference!

All Of The Things

Some of us are cleaning everything with…- Liquid Sunshine! Cleans everything under the sun. A bottle of Liquid Sunshine can brighten up the dreariest day. Soon you’ll be wiping down all of your common areas and surfaces with our all-time favorite, non-toxic product! Go the extra mile. Add a capful to a mop bucket with some warm water and dunk your broom in a few times! It feels good to clean the floor with a clean tool! Comes with dilution instructions which if followed correctly allows you to create multiple products from one concentrate at home. Different dilutions for different solutions!

Everything about a good ‘ol fashioned Spring Clean gives us the feeling of warm sunshine. While we can’t control everything around us, we can take comfort in knowing that we’re doing the best possible to stay strong and keep those around us healthy!

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