If You’ve Never Heard of Tooth Salt, Here’s Your Chance

April 19, 2017

It’s hard to deny the wonderful feeling of a minty-fresh mouth after a good teeth brushing. But you may (unknowingly) be making some serious sacrifices to your health in exchange for that fleeting pleasure. Commercial and conventional toothpaste are what most people use to clean their teeth – and it’s not surprising! These brands have…

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Everybody wants to be “green”, but what does it mean?

April 14, 2017

Everybody wants to be Green. But what does it mean? For some, natural is about atoms and molecules. Where did those atoms come from? What was their last incarnation? Carbon for example is an element and as such lasts basically forever, endlessly changing form. Do you support plant based carbon (“new” carbon) or petrochemical (“old”…

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Fleece Clothing is Polluting the Oceans

April 12, 2017

Did you know that every time you wash fleece clothing, thousands of tiny fibers shed off the fleece and are flushed out into wastewater filtration? Even those of us who are responsible about recycling and living green may be contributing plastic to the ocean just by washing our fleece clothing. As synthetic clothing makes its…

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Five Ingredients You Won’t Find in Our Products, and Why

April 12, 2017

If you’ve wandered onto our blog here at Vermont Soap, chances are you’re a fan of natural products. So let us confirm: you’ve come to the right place. What’s more, we have a slew of products that contain zero of the toxic stuff you find in conventional soaps and body products. And when you’re out…

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Make your own packing material from recycled cardboard!

April 11, 2017

After several years of a happy relationship, Vermont Soap is breaking up with its German-made cardboard perforator. This amazing machine turns cardboard into versatile packing material. We paid $3600. You can buy it for half that. $1800 plus shipping and you never need to buy bubble wrap again. Model cp 316 s2 Serial 7316130

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Why You Should be Washing your Vegetables – With our Stuff

April 5, 2017

Here’s the thing: you really should be washing your vegetables. Even if they’re organic and you bought them from the farmer down the road. Read more to find out why. Our trusty organic farmers take generous precautions to keep their produce safe, and we take comfort in knowing this. But consider how those perfect, organic…

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Bubble Bucks Program Ending!

March 31, 2017

Use Your Rewards Now – PROGRAM ENDS MAY 1st – Having outgrown our current shopping cart, Vermont Soap is moving to a new system that unfortunately does not support our existing Bubble Bucks customer loyalty program. Moving forward we’re going to continue providing awesome organic products, only without confusing customer loyalty programs. The Bubble Bucks…

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A Complete Guide to Cleaning your House without Toxins

March 30, 2017

Everyone knows how important it is to keep harmful chemicals out and off of our bodies. What’s less common is the consideration of negative effects your cleaning products may have on your health as well. We’ve put together a short guide to cleaning every room of your home without toxins and a lower carbon footprint.…

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Vermont Soap Commits to Public Television

March 27, 2017

I freely admit to an anti-television bias. As a spreader of “broad and shallow” societal cohesion it has no peer. But frankly I get tired of cacophony of the whole TV thing. Visual and audial sensory overload just makes me want to curl up with a good book anyway. Thank goodness we have Public Television.…

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Is Aromatherapy Real?

February 24, 2017

People often ask me if aromatherapy is real. I like to share this story with them: Back in the early days of Vermont Soap, about 25 years ago, we mostly produced handmade bar soaps. We scented the bars with natural essential oils (plant concentrate scents) blended in aromatherapy combinations. One day we took an order…

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