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Sun Shea Foamer: Review and Win!

October 13, 2017

We are getting ready to launch our new line of Sun Shea 95% USDA Certified Organic Foaming Hand Soaps! This new recipe is certified USDA Organic and includes organic sunflower oil and shea butter for a luxurious moisturizing foam. Before we send these products off into the world, we need to give them a test…

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When Natural Products are More Effective than Synthetic Ones

October 4, 2017

Most of what we call medicinal drugs are in fact synthetic versions of the healing molecules found in plants. Plants it seems, have been fighting cancer, virus, bacterial and insect pests for half a billion years. Since we plants and people are part of the same ecosystem and share DNA with all living things, their…

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A Story from the Soapman about Green Cleaners

September 29, 2017

Back in the Dark Ages when we started this business no one had even HEARD of a nontoxic cleaner. One of our staffers came to my office and told me: “You have to stop inventing new products; we don’t have any more room for them on the price sheet.” And then: “We know that you…

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Vermont Soap Releases Revolutionary USDA 95% Shower Gel and Foamer Soap Bases

September 28, 2017

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Contact: Nichole LoPinto (Middlebury, VT): Vermont Soap revealed yet another organic first this month with the launch of their new USDA 95% organic shower gel and 95% organic hand and body foam soaps. When filled in a USDA certified facility, these silky smooth cleansing gels and foamer soaps bear the coveted USDA…

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Closed for Labor Day

September 1, 2017

The Vermont Soap Factory Outlet will be closed September 4th and 5th for Labor Day. We will reopen for our regular retail hours on Wednesday, September 6th at 10am. Thank you and have a happy and safe holiday weekend!

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The Beauty of Castile Liquid Soap

August 25, 2017

Do you love beauty products, but you’re running out of bathroom counter (and medicine cabinet and closet) space? If you buy just one bottle of castile liquid soap, you can dump some of those products taking up your precious bathroom real estate. In addition to having a zillion uses for cleaning, castile soap can be…

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Plants Got You Scratching? Look No Further.

August 21, 2017

Picture this: you’re out in your garden, weeding away on a gorgeous day. All is well as you methodically swipe through the understory of your plants, gathering and pulling up the unwelcome seedlings, and tossing them off to the side. Until, that is, you unknowingly grasp a wild parsnip. Before you have time to react,…

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Why You Should Steer Clear of Conventional Sunscreen

August 14, 2017

There’s no doubt that sun protection is absolutely essential for a healthy life. UV rays can greatly damage your skin, exacerbate existing problems, and even cause cancer. But what our health organizations fail to tell us is that there are a number of hidden dangers in conventionally produced sun screen that use chemicals (rather than…

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Preserving the Greens of Summer with DIY Dried Herbs

August 10, 2017

It is safe, free, fun and easy to dry your own herbs for those long winter nights to come. All you need is a ball of string and sturdy scissors or small pruners. Here’s how to do it: Start with clean green fresh healthy plants grown away from pesticide and herbicide spraying. Discard yellowed, dead,…

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The Beauty of Natural Insect Repellent

August 7, 2017

Summer is here again, and that likely means it’s brought bugs to your doorstep. In moments of itchy frustration, it’s easy to head to the nearest pharmacy and pick up the most powerful, toxin-infused bug spray that you can find. And if you’re sensitive to mosquito and other bug bites, it can be difficult to…

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