Put Your Brand on this Great Organic Product
Put Your Brand on this Great Organic Product

Handmade or cold-process bar soaps, (when properly made and formulated) are THE MILDEST soap product that can be made in any form.

At Vermont Soap we make a true craft handmade bar soap in the quantities and quality that will meet your needs.

Handmade soap is aged for nearly a month on oak and stainless steel screens before it is ready to use. The result is what we call it the “hand lotion in soap effect”; skin feeling clean but not stripped out. Our bar soaps are ideal for people with sensitive skin. See our video

Many in-house stock scents and size options are also available, and if you like we can usually duplicate or come close to your current product. If you are considering expaning you line, outsourcing of your in house bar soap production, or you have a cool soap idea and are looking for a reliable human sized factory to work with give us a call.

Our bar soaps are palm oil based. We add palm kernel, olive and coconut to round out our base. We can easily add YOUR specialty oils, botanicals and scent blends to our great bar soap base. Batches are all in multiples of 800+/- bars. We can offer several common bar sizes and thicknesses to customize your look.

(add) Several craft book writers use high coconut and olive oil bar soap formulas in their home soap making books. These people are professional writers – not master soap makers. Their next book might be about making decorative candles. High coconut and olive oil bar soap formulas have a material cost that is 2-3 times more than palm oil based bar soaps. Professional soapers know not to use more than 20% RBD coconut oil in a bar soap due to the resulting Lauric acid harshness. Using more than 10% olive oil (one of the most expensive vegetable oils used to make soap) is pretty much a waste of money as the skin feel benefit of olive oil diminishes rapidly over 9%.

There are vocal groups out there advocating against the use of palm oil. They claim that palm oil damages orangutan habitat. While this is undoubtedly true for Malaysian palm, there are no orangutans in South America where we source our palm oil from. Also good companies like AGROPALMA and other members of the Sustainable Palm Oil Roundtable designate the highest (altitude) 1/3 of their land as a nature preserve. Vermont Soap advocates making bar soap from sustainable palm oil which produces a high quality, cost effective and long lasting bar. We do not advocate single issue focus on a planet stressed by all human activities. The main issue facing all biological forms on Earth is a continually increasing human population combined with ever increasing material living standards. Red palm oil offers the highest oil yields per acre of any vegetable oil crop currently under production, and is part of the mix to create a non-petroleum dependent society. Vermont Soap supports the planting and use of palm oil trees when done respectfully and according to Sustainable Palm Oil Roundtable standards.

Please know that we prefer not to work with artificial scents as ambient scent can bleed into other products.

Vermont Soap has been a USDA Organic Handler/Processor since 2003. We can help you to expand your organic/natural line with quality products and reliable service.

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