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Shipping and Handling

All orders are shipped by your choice of USPS or FedEx. We can ship via UPS on your account if you wish. Shipping costs are not included in our prices and are based on total weight and destination of your order. The more you buy – the lower the shipping.

Additional Fees Information

  • All Domestic Wholesale Orders – $3.50 Handling Charge
  • All Overseas Orders – $25.00 Handling Charge
  • Hot Rush/Order Expedite – $25.00
    If we receive the order before 3pm EST and we have everything in stock and the customer has no open invoices then we can guarantee same day shipment. We can guarantee that orders that are to be expedited and are received after 3pm will go out the next business day – we can also try to get these late day orders out the same day, but make no guarantees for same-day shipment on orders received after 3pm EST.
  • Change Order – $25.00
    Orders received can be changed the same day that they are received at no cost. Changes made to an existing order that are received after the day the order was placed will be charged the $25 Change Order fee. If the order has already been shipped or the customer does not want to pay the Change Order fee, we will have to treat the change as a new order.
  • Wire Transfer – $7.00
  • Pallet Fees
    • International Pallets – $40.00
    • 48 x 48 Pallets – $13.00
    • 40 x 48 Pallets – $10.00
    • Pallet Re-wrap Fee – $40.00
      We will only charge this if we have your pallet order finished, wrapped and ready to go but you want us to break it down, take out some boxes for faster shipment and then send off the rest of your order.
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