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Label Printing Guidelines

Label position chart for wrap around labels on cylinders

All labels used at Vermont Soap must have the copy position wound out, with the right side of the label copy dispensing off the roll first. Labels must be 1/8 inch apart from each other on the roll and wound onto a three inch cardboard core. If you have any questions about Vermont Soap label specifications please contact us.

For helpful information regarding organic labeling requirements, visit, view the FDA Labeling Guidelines , download the FDA Cosmetic Labeling Guide and/or download this pdf.

For two sided bottle label positioning, click here:  Two Sided Bottle Labeler – Label Position Chart

If you need a hand, we have a network of printers and artists you can tap into. Send us your labels or cartons, and we will do the rest. We often have various blank soap cartons that you can add a label to. Custom products or packaging require a 1400+/- per sku minimum for filling. If this volume seems a bit high for you check out the 500* Piece Program.

With the following disclaimer, we will check our customer’s label design for compliance to USDA, FDA and EPA regulations at no charge.

Vermont Soap has considerable experience creating product labels. Our advice represents our best information, and is not to be construed as legal advice. Vermont Soap accepts no liability for the consequences of actions taken on the basis of the information provided. The information given represents the best knowledge of the sender at the date sent. Improper labeling can result in fines, recalls, or other administrative actions against the product and its distributors. If in doubt, please consult your legal advisor.

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