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International Business Orders

We are happy to do business with organic soap lovers around the world. Vermont Soap is interested in networking with established businesses who have existing distribution.

If your company or country is on the US Embargo list, please do not contact us. As much as we believe in world peace and the brotherhood of all human beings, our government does not permit us to trade with everyone equally. Due to the large number of internet scams we do not ship to West Africa. If you want to transfer millions of dollars into our account, please contact someone else.

All International orders and sample requests plus shipping costs must be prepaid by wire transfer. This payment policy includes orders being handled by a stateside freight forwarder. We charge wholesale pricing for samples, no minimums on samples, and you pay shipping plus wire transfer fee ($7).

Shipping is arranged through FedEx, UPS, or any of the several common carriers we work with. Vermont Soap has negotiated substantial discounts on shipping, and passes the savings on to our customers.

Many companies ask us for exclusive territories. We do not like exclusives. Please do not ask, because we do not like to tell you no.

Please remember that cold process bar soaps do not like heat, and have a relatively fragile shelf life. Liquid soaps and Gels are most economically shipped in bulk 200kg drums, and filled in your country, under your label. We also shipped finished, labeled product around the world (your label and package or ours).

Contact us to learn more.

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