Organic 201

Organic 201: Castile Liquid Soap

March 5, 2021

Castile liquid soap is the original truly natural, multipurpose foaming liquid for nearly every cleaning and hygiene need. Read: Different dilutions and formulations for different solutions. Unlike detergent chemical bundles like sodium lauryl sulfate and company, castile liquid soap is made from olive and coconut oils, lye (potassium hydroxide) and water. Other oils such as shea butter, argan oil, avocado oil etc. can also be cooked in as small percentages to modify the product. Castile soap can be adjusted to make pump foamer liquids, cleaning sprays of various strengths, and pump soaps. Use full strength in pet shampoos, laundry, dish,…

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Organic 201: How Long Does It Take To Bring a New Product to Market?

January 21, 2021

First quarter is a busy time at Vermont Soap and it should be for you too. It’s exciting to run those year end velocity reports and see what really worked and what needs your added attention to thrive. Reposition those products, add keywords to the SEO program, make those new label changes and especially start work on new products and line extensions NOW. It’s the first quarter! You may feel like, “Hey, it’s January and there’s all the time in the world. But time is a commodity often in short supply as we prioritize our days. Suddenly it’s March already!…

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Organic 201 Cosmetic Packaging Boot Camp

October 30, 2020

Welcome to the Organic 201 Cosmetic Packaging Boot Camp. Here is our first post. A lot of folks must think there are no rules regarding the type size used to delineate the mass/weight/volume section at the bottom of the front panel (also called the face panel or primary display panel) on cosmetic packaging, because one of the most common packaging copy errors we see is the use of barely readable micro fonts sizes when relaying this all important information. Here is a quick primer on your mass/weight/volume statement. First off, the mass/weight/volume information must appear on the bottom 1/3 of…

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What’s the Deal With Handmade Organic Soap Anyway?

April 8, 2020

It takes a full month to make a bar of handmade soap. Why bother? In this episode of Organic 201 we will explore the world of handmade, cold process, or poured bar soaps (they are all the same thing); crystal structure, and how the ingredients and manufacturing process create the mildness or harshness of the bar itself. Soap making is the art of taking oils which make you dirty and turning them into soap which makes you clean. But let’s start at the beginning… of human civilization…. As far as we know right now, best guess is that somewhere around…

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Foamer Soap Primer

February 13, 2020

I love foam. I like it on my skin and I like it on my beer. Foam is both fun and cool and at the same time. Not everyone knows or cares that the bubbles in foam always have an odd number of sides in the presence of gravity. Or that despite being 95% gas, a glob of foam continues to act like a springy solid. Or that increasing the liquid to gas ratio results in flattened bubbles that might just mimic the true shape of our entire universe! People like to see large quick bubbles from their soap. It…

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Organic Shower Gel – Yes Naomi, USDA organic shower gels DO exist!

January 30, 2020

Organic Shower Gel Yes Naomi, USDA organic shower gels DO exist! And they are not going away. USDA certified shower gels are here in many forms and they will absolutely play an increasingly important role in the future of wash off cleansing products. Remember that the mantra for the future of personal care is Natural-Organic-Sustainable. This is the future. And that future is already a multibillion-dollar movement and industry. I like to think Natural-Organic-Sustainable is what pretty much ALL products will look like in 20 years or so. And if you are reading this you probably do too. What we…

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Oiling Up for Better Aging

October 14, 2019

  I have a big problem with the phrase Anti-Aging. It sounds so military. As if aging is the enemy and we must martial all forces against it. The new term circulating through the trade rags is Better-Aging and I consider it to be a much more appropriate moniker. After all, we are talking about the natural cycles of human existence here. If a thing is like gravity (pretty much inevitable) the best that you can do is to practice doing it with grace. Nature based Better-Aging actives generally include anti-inflammatory botanicals and plant seed oils containing essential fatty acids.…

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