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Spray Cleaner Bases

A Story from the Soapman

Back in the Dark Ages when we started this business almost no one had even HEARD of a nontoxic cleaner. One of our staffers came to my office and told me: “You have to stop inventing new products; we don’t have any more room for them on the price sheet.” And then: “We know that you have a soft spot in your heart for those… those nontoxic cleaners. But, no one else cares!”

I laughed and bought a bigger price sheet. We kept making those nontoxic cleaners and in 2003 we created the first USDA nontoxic cleaning product formulated specially for Yoga Mats. Other sprays and concentrates followed, many with USDA organic certification from VOF. Natural cleaning products are now a multi-million dollar business, and Vermont Soap still makes the cleanest, most natural ones of all.

Our Spray Cleaner Base

Available in Standard (70.5% organic) and SunShea (95% organic) Bases

Stay ahead of the organic trend curve with certified organic spray cleaners customized to fit your project. Safe, natural, nontoxic and effective. Available with and without the organic seal.

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