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Hot Fill Products

Hot Fill Products – Balms & Salves

Hot fill for us refers to oil based salves, balms, herbal oils and serums that may contain a natural emulsifier like beeswax to hold them together and do not contain any water. These products are filled hot and flash cooled to a creamy consistency. Hot fill minimums can start with as few as 500 (2oz) units.

Vermont Soap has a complete hot fill line to bring your next project to scale. We make green salves, shea butter and shea butter products, coconut oil based products, herbal and exotic oils and solid natural deodorants. All our hot fill projects are potential candidates for USDA organic certification.

As with all private label projects we can fill your container or ours, and customize our bases to include your special botanicals, scent blend and ingredients. You supply the label. We are happy to check over your label in order to avoid obvious pitfalls and regulatory issues as a free service to our customers. We can also duplicate or even potentially improve your current formulations.

For more information or contact one of our private label specialists.


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