Organic Shower Gel – Yes Naomi, USDA organic shower gels DO exist!

Organic Shower Gel
Yes Naomi, USDA organic shower gels DO exist!

And they are not going away.
USDA certified shower gels are here in many forms and they will absolutely play an increasingly important role in the future of wash off cleansing products. Remember that the mantra for the future of personal care is Natural-Organic-Sustainable. This is the future. And that future is already a multibillion-dollar movement and industry.

I like to think Natural-Organic-Sustainable is what pretty much ALL products will look like in 20 years or so. And if you are reading this you probably do too.

What we are doing here is creating a viscous gel from a liquid soap base. Liquid soap bases are made from organic oils, usually with coconut oil predominating. Water, organic oils and lye are the sole ingredients of a bare bones liquid soap base. That liquid soap base can be formulated to be high or low astringency ie more moisturizing or more degreasing. That’s your first decision and form follows function.

The liquid soap is then thickened using organic guar gum. You can get any viscosity out of the process; from a thin gel to something so thick it will hold up a stick. The application and the applicator often determine the precise properties of the final product.

Here’s how it works:

More moisture (oil) = less foam and a milder skin feel
Less moisture = more degreasing and more foam

It’s good to have choices. A foot or hand gel soap should generally be more astringent than an all over body soap. A high-end body gel crammed with moisturizers must be quite thick to keep the whole thing together. But the guar itself also has an effect on the final skin feel. Thicker gels generally take a bit longer to wash off.

To me it’s like beer or wine or bread. Same base ingredients; hundreds of possible variations. Each house has its own variations in equipment, process and formulation. Find one that can make what YOU want to see inside YOUR bottle.

And what about Naomi?

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